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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

These are some of my crafts for your doll!

1. How to make a doll no sew shirt and skirt: First you would need:


To make the shirt you are going to wrap a piece of fabric around your doll, and cut off any access, but leave a little space there so you can put the velcro there. Then you are going to put on the velcro in that space that you put before. You could sew a little fabric flower on or just leave it the way it is. Then you cut little holes in the sides, so your doll can put her arm in for the arm holes.

To make the skirt do the same thing by, wrap the fabric around her legs and put velcro there, so you can open and close her skirt. You could sew little ruffles at the bottom of her skirt. So have fun dressing your doll!

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