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Friday, February 13, 2015

About Me

This is me. I am eight years old. My name is Isabelle. I love American Girl dolls and animals. I don't have any pets but I will maybe get one someday. I also love crafting and exploring things. I play piano, and I have voice lessons, and I am home-schooled. I am in ballet and I was in the Nutcracker Ballet in 2013. My favorite movie would be Disney's Frozen, Cinderella 2015, and Annie 2014... for now, because there might be some other movies that I will like better in the future. I am 50% Filipino and 50% German. My momma is Filipino and my daddy is German/American. I have lots of friends and I watch a crafting channel on YouTube and it is called MyFroggyStuff. You just have to follow that channel! I am funny and friendly. I love making videos... even though I don't have a YouTube channel. I love writing and creating names for some reason ;). So that is about me!

I have a little brother named, Benaiah. He is four years old. He loves to play and create things. He loves to build and play with his Legos. Benaiah is very energetic, funny, sensitive and smart. He is a cute little boy and my ballet classmates adore him! He has brown eyes, lighter skin and dark hair. He loves to eat non-stop! ;)

My daddy is a painter. He paints homes. He is planning on doing another business for painting cars with exciting colors. My momma is very crafty and creative. She is very beautiful. She makes yummy and healthy food. She teaches me how to sew, cook and clean. She is my homeschool teacher.

I have a grandma on my dad's side who lives in London, England. I have a lolo (grandpa in Filipino) on my mom's side who lives in Thailand. But he is going to move to Indonesia with my aunt and her family. I have a lot of cousins and uncles and aunts. Our family tree is huge- half in America and half in Asia.

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