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Sunday, November 16, 2014

How to make a binder for your dolls

Things you will need: Thin cardboard, duct tape, pencil, scissors, white paper and writing paper, colorful markers ( optional), stapler and glue.

So you are going to take your cardboard and with your pencil, you're going to sketch out one big rectangle and one thin rectangle that is the same length and make another big rectangle ( Remember the rectangles are attached together). Now you are going to cut out the big rectangle but do not cut out the thin rectangle in the middle, once your done you are going to fold on the lines in the middle. Then you're going to staple some white paper and cut them to size and staple them together, and do it the same way for the writing paper. And glue them on. Put some duct tape on the cover or color it with markers, and write her name.


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